One solution for all club needs. Sportimus.

It can be this easy.



Real savings for clubs 400-1200 €/month.

+91% fees collected. More efficient than sending physical bills or cash transactions.

Digital invoices

Sent in 40 seconds.

  • Automatically filled and sent
  • QR code for mobile payment
  • 100% delivery to parents via SMS
  • Adjust price to groups or individuals

Payment statistics

For +91% of fees collected.

  • Pregled po selekcijah/klubu
  • Seznam dolžnikov
  • Uvoz bančnih izpiskov
  • Enostaven grafičen pregled

Automatic reminders

Receive payments even faster.

  • Send reminders with one click
  • By groups, individuals, services
  • For even higher % of payments received

Accounting link

Less work for club and accounting.

  • Export in XML and Excel format
  • Export PDF invoices
  • Automatic attendance report
  • Custom adjustments for accounting programs
  • If before Sportimus we needed 6-8 hours to issue invoices, with Sportimus we do it in less than a minute. Parents are notified through e-mail and SMS. With one simple click, I send automatic reminders to anyone who hasn't paid the monthly invoice yet. In that way, almost all invoices are now paid.
    NK Rudar Velenje - Finance department

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