Sports. Passion. Knowledge. Progress.

At Sportimus, we are focused on the digitalisation of sports.

We are committed to helping every sports club reach its maximum potential, which is certainly immensely easier with our solution.

Youth schools are the foundation of every club, so there should be a structured overview with a suitable technology – Sportimus. With Sportimus, we are bringing sports clubs to a more self-sustainable model, which means that youth schools, in particular, can be financially self-sustaining. They can achieve this with a 24/7 overview of athletes, coaches and a high% of collected money through invoicing. We also take care of a better marketing image of clubs in the eyes of the public and parents by appearing the club's logo in emails and invoices.

All Sportimus employees share a great love for the sport. We have been associated with sports since our youth. We understand the problems and challenges that sport faces, and we listen to the ideas of clubs and parents, and in this way, we also adapt the Sportimus application.

We are determined to help sports, sports clubs, parents and everyone involved.